Moving to Maine

Well, it's official! On October 19th I moved to Portland, Maine. After many months of doing long distance, I decided it was was finally time for me to go be with my boyfriend, who had moved here earlier in the year for a job. It was a big step to take, to leave my full-time job as a children's book designer and move to a new city, but I knew it was what I needed to do.

While I loved living in New York City, I always knew it wasn't a place I wanted to live forever. There are too many things I love that are harder to do in NYC than in a smaller city. I'm hoping to have time to get back to horseback riding, for example! I also want to spend more time in nature doing things like hiking, kayaking and maybe I'll even try skiing again. Portland seems like a fun and dynamic little city and I'm excited to explore more of it!

Above is my new little work spot in the apartment –studio– if you will, that I'll be at whenever I'm not at the Engine Room, a co-working space that I'll be working at a few days a week. I'm excited to keep book designing, but to also have some time to pursue my art and illustration further.

Stay tuned for more regular posts about my new life in Portland and the work I'm creating.


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