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Little Bird's Flock

I am super pleased to announce my latest illustration project, a children's picture book called Little Bird's Flock, written by the Publishing Workshop at The Telling Room, a non-profit youth writing center in Portland, ME. A group of eleven kids and two advisors worked together to create the story of Little Bird. I worked to create images that would evoke the essence of the story about a young bird who is looking for her flock, while traveling around the world, meeting friends along the way.

I thought I would take some time to share my process as I worked on taking this story from manuscript to printed book. Keep in mind that the schedule for creating the art for this book was extremely limited. Typically a picture book artist has six months to a year to create final art for a 32 page book. I had eight weeks. Because of that, I worked with the team at The Telling Room to develop the story and illustrations to be as simple as possible.
The first step was to put the manuscript…

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