The City Out My Window

"I assume anyone who really loves Manhattan must find engineering erotic: grids, graphs, Euclidean geometry, right and acute angles; the way these lines, these inorganic arrangements of force, symmetry, and ambition slice and tussle with and trap the organic, the asymmetrical, the sloppy; the way the sloppy and the soft struggle, joyfully and miserable, caged behind these bars, girdled within these frames."
- Tony Kushner, The City Out My Window

This is a quote from the book The City Out My Window which I think has some great things to say about a great city. New York, New York! I love all these things about the city - which is strange considering how much I love nature. But the energy, the excitement, and, well, it's said better above. The crazy chemistry of everything working together and how I see it differently every day.

The picture above was taken by Edward Steichen in 1909


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