State Fairs

Speaking of cows, now is right about the time that everyone should get themselves to a state fair. Not that I have been to one recently myself, but, I was cleaning out my old National Geographics and I came across one my favorite articles, "Take in the State Fair with Garrison Keillor". I was laughing out loud when I read this. Here is a favorite excerpt from The Ten Chief Joys of the State Fair:

" 3. To mingle, merge, mill, jostle gently, and flock together with throngs, swarms, mobs and multitudes of persons slight or hefty, punky or preppy, young or ancient, wandering through the hubbub and amplified razzmatazz and raw neon and clouds of wiener steam in search of some elusive thing, nobody is sure exactly what."

My personal memories of the county fair include giant wads of cotton candy dissolving in my mouth, the slightly anxious but joyful feeling while swinging at the top of the ferris wheel, and, of course, winning first place in my horse back riding class.

The photos from this story by Joel Sartore were recently in Communication Arts magazine, and they are pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself. Also, Garrison Keillor may be one of my heros. I have listened to many of his stories about Lake Wobegon on NPR. They are so captivating and hilarious.

Now go find yourself a state fair, or at least a corn dog.


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