In the spirit of yesterday's post I thought I would include some more of my favorite sea images. I love the ocean and the mystery of it.

The first image here is taken by Morris Rosenfeld, an amazing nautical photographer.
I recently became even more amazed by whales after I read the book The Whale: In Search of the Giants of the Sea, by Philip Hoare. He follows the life of Herman Melville, and along the way tells an incredible story about whales and the history of the whaling industry. He even talks about sea monsters! Here is a quote I particularly like:

"Cities and civilizations rise and fall, but the sea is always the sea. 'We do not associate the idea of antiquity with the ocean, nor wonder how it looked a thousand years ago, as we do of land, for it was equally wild and unfathomable always,' wrote the philosopher, Henry David Thoreau. 'The ocean is a wilderness reaching around the globe, wilder than a Bengal jungle, and fuller of monsters, washing the very wharves of our cities and the gardens of our sea-side residences.'
The sea is the greatest unknown, the last true wilderness, reaching over three-quarters of the earth. Its smallest organisms sustain us, providing every other breath of oxygen that we take. Its tides and shores determine our movements and our borders more than any treaty or government. Yet as we fly over its expanses, we think of it –if we think of it at all– merely as a distance to be overcome."


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