New York City = Public Art

I have been searching to find this paragraph since I read it in September. Finally! Success.

"New York is a city of artists — and a city of art. It is, of course, a city of museums, but also a place where the buildings themselves form a kind of collage-installation, where traveling on the subway daily can feel like a performance piece, where many exploit their bodies as veritable canvases for tattoos and makeup and costume.

A walk through many New York neighborhoods can easily become a gallery tour of found art: graffiti murals, sidewalk sculptures of discarded furniture; the rainbow of umbrellas during a rainstorm. But there are also more purposeful, carefully curated public art displays on the city’s streets — and its sidewalks, and in its parks and playgrounds."

MARILYNN K. YEE / New York Times, July 21, 2009


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