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Find a Moose With Me!

Find a Moose With Me! is finally a printed, hardcover book! I was thrilled to be asked to illustrate this lovely story back in 2018 and I'm so excited it's out in the world now. I worked on the illustrations for more than a year, and I wanted to take a moment to share some of the process of bringing the story to life. As a nature lover, this was the perfect project for me. I love painting animals, plants, landscapes and all outdoor things. I love getting outside and observing all the wonders nature has to offer. As I worked on this book I was constantly taking photos on my hikes that I would later use as reference for some of the paintings. This book encourages the reader to take time to look and observe everything they find as they explore nature. There are many steps leading up to the final paintings in a picture book and I wanted to share my process as I developed the illustrations. The first step is reading the manuscript and thinking about what kind of imagery comes to mi

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